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AC Traction Motor Bogie Testing Plant

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Bogie, Testing, Traction, Motor, Electronic Data Recording, Run Test
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Bogie Shop, DMW Patiala.
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Sh.Arvind Dutta/Dy.CME/Loco,DMW/Patiala
Where can it be used: 

Used for the Run Test of all the three Motorised wheel sets of WAP7/WAG9 Bogies and MWSs at a time at 500 rpm i.e. at 100-150 kmph train speed. 

Brief description: 

The AC Traction Motor bogie testing plant is a unique plant used to carry out the run test of 03 nos separate wheel sets or one complete motorised bogie  (i.e. all the 03 wheel sets), at a time. This is the only plant of its type throughout Indian Railways. It has a feature of Electronic Data Recording and provides continuous Digital Display of Temperature, RPM, Voltage & Current.

Benefits of the Plant

  • 100% MWSs and bogies are tested prior to despatch for Optimum Reliability.
  • Testing Data is recorded in Electronic form, which can be seen at any point of time in case of any problem.
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