Railway Board Letters

Coaching Related
No. Air Brake Related
1 41-Instruction for operation of LHB trains with single pipe working dated-22_05_2020
2 Letter to all zonal railways regarding punctuality loss cases due to FIBA and its components dated 20.07.2022
No. Coach Watering Related
1 Ensuring complete watering of train_06-07-2022
2 Increase in Stoppage Time of Trains for Carriage Watering
3 Watering of coaches during summer rush
No. Coaching Depot Related
1 cctv camera in depot
2 CCTV in depot – Rly Bd letter
3 Development of maintenance facilities for LHB coaches
No. Poor Brake Power In Wagon & BMBS Related
1 130 MPH Clarification regarding maintenance pattern of trains being upgraded to run at 130 kmph
2 2021 RB ICF coach revised IOH and POH
3 2021 RB Maintenance of Dampers 050221
4 2021 RB No Retro fitment of Bio-Vacuum toilets in LHB coaches ZRs
5 2021 safety category E(MPP) -2021-1-17
6 2021 Service life of VPU – letter to all ZRs
7 Additional examination points for maintenance of NMG_NMGH_NMGHS dated 15_09_2022
8 Augmentation of trains running with 24 coaches to 26 coaches
9 Camping coach – IOH-POH
10 CommercialCircular 29_1999 – Escorting staff
11 Instructions for pasting of stickers in trains for creating awarness
12 Integrated management System(IMS) certification of mejor coaching depots
13 JPO for POH of ICF coaches and release of covid coaches
14 NTXR rejection of coaches on account of CDTS not tested at 30 Kmhr in workshop
15 POH periodicity of camp coaches attached wd track machine wd enclosur
16 Policy decisions ICF coaches_1
17 Provision of camera at rolling in points
18 Provision of dustbin in Non·AC coaches under Mission Swachh Bharat Abhlyan
19 provision of dustbin in non-ac coaches
20 Provision of ladder arrangement for First AC coaches (developed by WR)
21 Provision of Stainless steel mugs in the toilets of Non-AC coaches
22 Recovery against loss of linen items distributed on trains
23 Verification of ultrasonically rejected axles in depots and W.shop
No. Fire Safety Related
1 2021 RB Composite Fire extinguisher
2 2021 RB Fire SOP RlyBrd_Lr_Dtd.17052921_SOP_On Fire Accidents in Trains
3 2021 Use of Fire Extinguishers
4 Fire extinguisher letter of 1997
No. OBHS Related
1 2_ Rationalization of the functions of AC Coach Attendant, Coach Attendant for Linen distribution and OBHS
2 Improvement in-OBHS
3 Revised guidelines for On Board Housekeeping Services (OBHS) 17.02.16
No. RPC 4
1 Revised RPC–4 with 4000KM
No. Spring Related
1 2022 Permissible restricted speed for LHB coaches with broken primary spring (only in case of enroute failures) dated 22_08_2022
2 Breakage of secondary spring in fiat bogie
3 Speed restriction due to secondary outer flexi-coil spring breakage en-route
No. Standardization Rolling Stock Certificate
1 standardization of Rolling stock certificate (RSC)
No. Vande Bharat Related
1 Planning for Chair Car Vande-Bharat Train maintenance.
No. Wheel Related
1 Attention to LHB wheel Disc-1
2 Wheel disc crack in LHB Coach dated 03.07.2023.
No. Yard stick of Coaching Maintenance
1 Letter_ Review of Yard Stick of coaching Stock_16-06-2022_ZR_RDSO_CAMTECH