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Droid for under gear examination of Freight Trains.

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Droid Freight Train
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It Can be used for under gear examination of freight trains

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• Maintenance & Upkeep of Rolling Stock is the most important activity undertaken by C&W deptt. to ensure safe running of trains. Tank wagon depot wagon is a vital C&W examination point which caters to BTPN requirement for Mathura refinery. Besides ROH activities of BTPN wagon, CC, premium & intensive examination of freight trains are undertaken on yard maintenance lines at Baad depot to ensure that the rakes do not have any rejectable defects. • In an effort to leverage technology to make yard examination of freight trains more effective and efficient than ever, Mech(C&W) deptt. of Agra division has developed a Droid which has remotely controlled high speed action camera and motorised drive, to facilitate undergear maintenance of freight trains during yard examination i.e. CC, premium & intensive. • Droid can enter & move inside the train undergear area in various examination lines i.e. pitlines/washable Apron/Ballast track and also can easily approach and examine areas which are hard to see, hard to approach such as cramped/narrow spaces under the train. • This Droid has a facility to capture and transmit realtime video of train undergear which is easily viewed live on screen and also records the same for future analysis. The camera can be zoomed on the spot in case of any doubt. • This Droid has LED lights to facilitate undergear examination during low light conditions. • Salient features of Droid are:  Four wheel drive with 04 drive motors.  Manual control through Wi-Fi.  Control through android app.  Robust construction of body frame (Metallic Frame).  Full HD, high speed action camera.  90 degree rotation of camera on horizontal axis.  Wi-Fi video transmission.  Android based Tablet instrument (16GB, Wi-Fi + 4G enabled).  Maintenance free rechargeable Battery which can last upto 3 hrs in single charge.  Compact construction (23” X 23” X 13”).  Provision of LED lights.  Easy to operate, manoeuvrability on rough/uneven surface.