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Dynamic Test Rig for Wheel Slide Protection (WSP) Device of LHB coaches

Location, Zonal Railway/Division/Units where used : 
Carriage & Wagon Workshop/Perambur/ Southern Railway
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Where can it be used: 

This Electronic gadget can be used  to test the Wheel Slide Protection Device (WSP) provided in LHB coaches  in dynamic condition. This has been developed in Mechatronics Lab

Brief description: 

Description :   LHB Coaches are provided with wheel slide protection device (WSP).  WSP control unit is a combination of various electronic cards. This unit is housed in electrical control panel. During the course of brake application, there are possibilities of skidding / sliding / locking of individual axle.  The WSP provided in the system avoids wheel sliding, also cuts the maintenance cost. Speed sensors, the part of the system detect the speed of the wheel and sends signal to the processor unit.

The processor unit evaluates the received signal from speed sensor of the vehicle and generates signals enabling the dump valve / antiskid valves to control the brake cylinder pressure in case of any locking / skidding.This Electronic gadget has been developed in Mechatronics Lab to facilitate  testing  the Wheel Slide Protection Device (WSP) provided in LHB coaches in dynamic condition.

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