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Electronic Testing Lab for LHB AC

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Electronic Testing Lab for LHB AC
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Carriage and Wagon Repair Workshop, Jagadhri
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CWM Jagadhri Workshop
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Electronic Testing Lab for LHB AC

Facilities Available:

  • Air-conditioned and dust-free environment
  • LED lights for better illumination
  • Automation of OHP testing data storage
  • Best in class soldering & desoldering station for PCB repair
  • Signal Simulation facility for testing of RMPU microprocessor as per actual coach conditions
  • Testing & repair of Microprocessor controllers of LHB AC RMPUs
  • Testing & repair of Regulated & Emergency battery chargers
  • Testing of Thermal sensors associated with LHB AC RMPUs
  • Testing & calibration of Protection devices such as thermal overload relays, MMR, timer switches, overheat protectors, etc. used in AC coaches.
  • Audio-visual training aids for Training of staff
  • QR code system started on the Microprocessor controller and HT/LT MMR equipment. This will help in easily traceability by using smartphone.
  • Display cabinets with cut sections of different sub-assembly installed.
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