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Energy Conservation in Generation of Compressed Air System

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Compressed Air, Electric energy, Air Dryers, blow guns, Isolating valve
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Sh. S.K.Babbar, Dy.CME/Plant
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Generation & Supply of Compressed Air. 

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DMW has saved 942120 Kwh of electricity (resulting in 35.39% saving of electric energy) during 2018-19 in generation & supply of compressed air by adopting following measures:

  • Under-ground supply pipeline has been replaced with overhead pipeline.
  • Dedicated team has been nominated to deduct & address leakages.
  • Voltage Stabilizers have been replaced with Phase Reversal/ Phase Failure Protection Relays, duly modifying the electrical circuit of compressors.
  • Surplus delivery points of compressed air have been plugged in various shops.
  • Two nos. Air Dryers (Cap. 1500 CFM each) have been commissioned to improve quality of compressed air.
  • Air blow guns with silent Nozzle are being used during maintenance and on service points.  
  • Isolating valve has been provided between HMS & PPS to control supply of compressed air.
  • Use of baby compressors for intermittent supply.


 Above comprehensive measures resulted in saving of Rs. 79 Lakhs in generation & supply of compressed air.

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