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Flexible-Shaft mounted Powered Cleaning-Tool developed by staff of Yesvantpur Depot to de-stench bio-toilets.

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Powered stench tool
Location, Zonal Railway/Division/Units where used : 
Yesvantpur Coaching Depot, South Western Railway, Bengluru Division,
Contact Person: 
Dharmendar Shirvi, CDO/YPR, Mob :9731666409
Where can it be used: 

Used in coach toilet cleaning purpose.

Brief description: 

Stench removal from Bio-toilets/ normal toilets is a big challenge being faced on IR by coach maintenance wing. Many methods are being tried such as providing exhaust fans at location nearer to squatting pan, or fitting double ventury to have better natural ventilation. However, staff of YPR Depot of SWR looked at the problem a bit differently, they tried to pinpoint the source(s) of the bad-odour. They found that majorly stench emanates from Night Soil (NS) matter which gets stuck on inner surface of Straight Pipe and S- Pipe as well as on to the trash material ( like paper cups, etc.) inadvertently dropped by users in the toilet/pan.

To handle all these sources of stench, the staff initially thought of using a Robotic Arm but finally ended up evolving a Flexible-Shaft mounted Powered Cleaning-Tool. This tool not only is able to effectively traverse and clean the complete straight and S- pipe passage but is able to pull out as well as push out the trash material Cost: - The total cost of the powered tool would be in the range of Rs 4000 to Rs 5000 including spare set of chargeable batteries. Actually the Flexible Shaft and tool costs approximately Rs 500 only and the cost of Battery Operated Drilling Machine on which this tool is mounted is Rs 3000 to Rs 4000. Time Taken: 4 to 5 minutes per toilet are adequate to clean the inner surfaces and for cleaning the S- type passage. From single charging of battery, approximately 9 to 10 coaches can be effectively dealt. Action Plan: Use Flexible-Shaft mounted Powered Cleaning-Tool developed by YPR depot is replicated in all Depots of SWR. All Primary Maintenance Trains of SWR have been covered on 31-08-2018 and the process is being repeated continuously in all SWR depots. It is proposed to provide the tool to OBHS staff also so that effective cleaning is ensured en route.