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Innovative equipment''s for ART. Equipment A:- Portable Mono Rail cum Road Trolley. Equipment B:- Spacer for Telescopic Lifting Jack

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Portable Mono Rail cum Road Trolley and Spacer for Telescopic Lifting Jack.
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Mysuru Division, South Western Railway, used at accident sites
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A.J. Rao, SSE/C&W/MYS, Mob: 9980844400
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Equipment A:-Rapid material transshipment in accident site. Equipment B: - Re-railing of coaches, which are having lesser space under head stock.

Brief description: 

Equipment A:- Multipurpose portable consisting of both Tapered wheels and tyre fixed on one mobile trolley which enabled to trolley operational both on mono rail as well as on flat surface using tyre. This multi utility trolley is extremely efficient while transporting heavy equipments on to accident site. This trolley consists of two numbers of MS solid tapered wheels and two rubber tyre, which can run on mono rail and road respectively. By providing this functionality trolley can be operated both on rail and road. It is a portable trolley which can be operated by single staff for transship of small items or two hydraulic jacks at a time to work spot quickly. Pushing handles are removable and can be fixed from both ends. Road wheels also removable whenever the ballast height is more by the side of rail. Flexible support brackets are fixed at both end of the trolley. 


Equipment B:-Two telescopic lifting jacks and one displacement jack are connected to one control panel from which Re-railment operations can be carried out. This system is very easy to Re-rail the coach by using 4.4 meters Re-railing bridge even at the points and crossings. Spacer is made of two telescopic tubes is used to connect two Roller Carriages is take over the direct power transmission and routing. For re-railing the coach, single telescopic hydraulic jack is using below the head stock centre in conventional method. At present condition most of the coaches are fitted with Bio-Toilets. Due to this, place is very less in between two bio-toilets to keep the jack under head stock. In order to overcome this difficulty two telescopic lifting jacks are placed under second lifting pads of the coach (inside the trolley) over the Roller carriages which are connected by spacer. Coach will be lifted with two telescopic jacks simultaneously above the rail level, after those two jacks will be moved laterally as a single unit with the help of displacement jack (traverse jack) from one end to re-rail the coach.

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