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  • Today is: Saturday, April 20, 2024

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In-house Development of Heavy Duty Hydraulic Press

A heavy duty hydraulic press has been developed by  Sick line, SRC coaching depot which is very much useful  to insert and extract different types of bushes like control arm, traction centre, traction rod, vertical roll link of LHB coaches, centre pivot push, anchor link bush of ICF/HYBRID coaches.


It requires a hydraulic bottle jack and different types/sizes of adapters as per job and all these things have been developed in house.




Silent block extracting tool

To press the anchor link silent block, a gadget has been fabricated, which is very easy to install & consumption of manpower is very less. The gadget is made of one rectangular frame/stand with base plate fixed at the centre for anchor link resting & one top plate (floating) for pressing the silent block. The top plate hangs with springs on either ends with sufficient gap between the base plate & top plate for easy placing of anchor link & silent block.