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Knowledge center portal at ICF

A web portal – Knowledge Center has been hosted in Railnet website of ICF. The IP address of ICF Railnet is: The same portal of Knowledge Center will also be hosted at within a short time. This portal provides knowledge on the study materials on welding processes, power sources, troubles shooting of power source, Welding defects, frequently asked questions etc. Also videos, posters, photo graphs of weld cut section are also available. A discussion forum has been designed for users with ICF to post queries. AWTI faculties or anyone can post reply for the same. Brief over view of the portal is given below.




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Knowledge center

Knowledge Center - A  web portal containing information regarding welding.

Knowledge center

Knowledge center

Welding technology


Safety in welding.

Knowledge center

>Welding technology>Safety.

Welding procedures for various weld joints.

ISO 3834 (WPS).

>Welding technology> ISO 3834>IMS>ISO 3834-2:2005> (WPS)

Weld Cut section Models.

>Welding technology> Cut section Models.

Welding Videos.

>Welding technology> Welding Videos.

Booklet on welding power source Trouble shooting.

>Welding technology> Trouble shooting guide

Welding Improvement Projects done at ICF.

>Welding technology> improvement Projects

Posters showing welding processes and testing.

>Welding technology> Posters

Published Welding Study papers in journals by AWTI faculty members.

>Welding technology> Published Welding Study papers

GMAW power source Trouble shooting   Videos.

>Welding technology> Trouble shooting  Videos

Welding Hand Book containing information related to Railway applications.

>Welding technology> Welding Hand Book

Welding procedure Specification for MMAW welding process

>Welding technology> Welding Parameter

Welding power source maintenance

Catalogue and information related to power sources used at ICF.

Knowledge center

>Welding Power Source Maintenance Hub

Training calendar.

AWTI 2018-19 Calendar with course contents.

Knowledge center

>Training calendar

Training facilities

Infrastructure available in workshop for training and CMT lab testing at AWTI.

Knowledge center


Core group members

Contact details of faculty members of AWTI.

Knowledge center

>Core group members

Help desk

To post queries regarding welding and get replies

Knowledge center

>Help desk


Trouble shooting info on power sources

Knowledge center