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Manually operated Coach Window rod Snapper Tool for removing window Rod & Quick rescue of Passengers at Accident Site

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Snapper Tool for removing window Rod.
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Hubli Division, South Western Railway, Mechanical Department, used in coaches at the time of accident
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M.G.T. SWAMY, SSE/C&W/UBL Div, 9731668443
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It is Rescue Device i.e Manually operated Coach Window rod Snapper Tool for removing window rods quickly which helps in evacuating passengers from coach at Accident Sites quickly . This aims to overcome the slow rod cutting problem with Hydraulic Cutters.

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ART Team of Hubli Division of South Western Railways has developed a very effective Rescue Device for removing Coach window rods quickly. Hubli Division has developed two model variants : 1 m & 1.6m length Snapper tool with a C section Grip snapper made of HSS. The C Section Grip Snapper is having threaded connection to the Pipe as well as uniformly CO2 welded over the joint. The C section Grip Snapper is having opening of 13mm which holds & snaps the window rod from its roots very quickly & it can remove all rods of one windows in approx 30-45secs . It is manually operated. The Rescue staff has to grab the window rod with this tool & with slight force application , the rod will get removed from the base. This type of rod removal is very safe as compared to cutting of rods at corner by hydraulic devices since there is no sharp edge generated by this manual tool (which is there in hydraulic rod cutters,so Magnetic Covers were must to be used to avoid injury to passengers rushing out of the coach).

This tool is very fast in operation as compared to Hydraulic rod cutters. It can remove all rods of a window in 30-40 secs average as compared to 5 mins time with hydraulic rod cutters. Also it removes the rod from its roots, so chances of injury to passenger rushing out of coach is very less. It is very cheaper & can be fabricated very easily in shops.

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