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Multi Dimensional spring cleaning device at PP Yard/BIA

Location, Zonal Railway/Division/Units where used : 
PP Yard, Bhilai
Contact Person: 
Sr.DME/PP Yard/Bhilai
Brief description: 

In regular practice coil springs used in Bogie are being cleaned manually. During manual cleaning it is observed that dust particles are spread in the nearby area, which is not desirable. In addition to the above, carrying of spring from the dismntling area to the cleaning bench is also a laborious job.

To get rid of the above a “Multi dimensional spring cleaning device” has been made with the available resources. A rejected unserviceable conveyor system has been used by providing motorized reduction gear box with chain sprocket system. It’s two sides are having protecting wings for safety purpose and four types of brushing arrangements provided for cleaning of springs in different ways.

No new items used. Only scrap & unserviceable relevant items used. Hence total direct cost is Nil. Indirect cost for scrap value is Rs.10,000/- approximately  & cost of man power is Rs.8000/- approximately.