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Parikalpo, Android based Coach POH costing APP

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POH costing, APP
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C & W Workshop, Liluah, Eastern Railway
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PE/Liluah, 9002029406
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POH  Workshops

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Android based POH cost App has been developed at Liluah Workshop.  This effort is the first of* its kind in entire Indian Railways  The main aim of this APP* is uniform distribution of Inspection activities with material booking with respect to Work Orders.  This APP will both be* Web Based and also freely downloadable from Play Store.  The users will be* provided with Login ID and Passwords


  • After initial login, the Inspector will make entry in the prescribed form coach wise and work order wise 
  • After pre-inspection the* Shop Supervisor will make necessary entries after execution of POH work
  • After completion of* POH, final inspection entries would be carried out by Inspectors.
  • Necessary reports can* be generated.


  • Shop Supervisor will login after pre-inspection
  • The pre-inspection timings would be now visible to the Supervisor
  • Remarks can be put in case of disagreement with the preinspection times 
  • After compliance of remarks, Material consumption (coach wise and work order wise) has to be entered 
  • This will help in generating* material cost calculations as per coach
  • Editing after final submission* can be done with the permission from ADMIN


  • The APP ensures digitization of all inspection sheets
  • This APP will reduce time by eliminating manual entries in all material and inspection sheets
  • All data would be transferred to server ensuring data  safety and security
  • Cost of every coach can be calculated instantly. This was not possible in the existing system.
  • Reasons for variance between pre and final  inspections can be critically analyzed
  • More than 20 types of custom reports can be generated and viewed
  • The introduction of this POH cost based APP will* reduce POH cost in this Workshop by uniform distribution of resources.