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Quality improvements in Welding - Mysore Workshop

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Central Workshop, Mysore South, South Western Railway
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Shri. M Santhosh, SSE/Weld, Contact No. : 7624979645
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Coach POH Workshops

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The Welding team of Mysore Workshop is continuously focusing on the following areas related to Welding.

i) Welder ii) Equipment iii) Joints iv) Consumable v) Process vi) Inspection

i) Welder

a) Welder Qualification through continuous assessment and competency certification.

b) Imparting practical training to all the welders using ready reference drawings and Welding handbook.

ii) Equipment

a) Usage of advanced MIG/MAG synergic welding plants duly replacing the existing MMAW plants.

b) Preparation of validation certificate for all the welding plants after inspection.

c) Usage of better quality electrode holder, gloves and Auto darkening helmets.

iii) Joints

a) By imaprting continuous training to the welders, good fit ups are being done and poor fit ups are being properly assessed and rectified.

iv) Consumable

a) On proper selection of electrode, preheating according to the manufacturer's recommendation is essential for optimum results. In order to achieve this, a mother oven is being used and electrodes are being kept in quivers for maintaining the required temperature.

b) Ensuring proper storage of comsumable items duly protecting from the environmental factors.

v) Process

a) Preparation and maintenance of test records and process records after the welding process.

b) Welding based on Welding Specification Procedure in order to ensure an optimum result. 

vi) Inspection

a) All the Inspection personnel involved in Welding operations are being sent to various training institutes for continuous improvement.

b) Almost all the Inspection personnel have completed their certification course on Visual Inspection and DPT testing which resulted in drastic improvement during inspection.


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