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RMPU Testing & Repair Facility

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RMPU Testing & Repair Facility
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Carriage and Wagon Repair Workshop, Jagadhri
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CWM Jagadhri Workshop
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RMPU Testing & Repair Facility

Jagadhri Workshop has developed testing & overhauling facility for Roof Mounted AC Package Units, where condition and health of RMPU AC units is analyzed and corrective action is promptly taken to ensure the cooling capacity of the unit above 90%.

The performance of each RMPU is monitored in the RMPU testing room, developed in the workshop, in line with the facilities available with OEMs. Following facilities are available:

  1. Hot Chamber for creating field like environmental conditions that an RPMU is subjected to during real service
  2. Cooling Chamber for simulating actual load conditions 
  3. Control chamber having microprocessor-based control panel for operation control and monitoring of all parameters of the RMPU AC unit during test.
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