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Roller Bearing Shop

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Roller bearing
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Jodhpur Workshop
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Activities for Center of Excellence:

  • layout of roller bearing shop
  • dismantling, cleaning, inspection & maintenance of roller bearing assembly
  • proper stackingof roller bearing & components.
  • Regular calibration of Torque Wrench and display of gauges for training purpose
  • Work & Safety instructionsdisplay boards.
  • Proper record keeping & traceability.

Fabrication of Trolleys for Roller Bearing and Axle Box:

Jodhpur Workshop has In-house developed trolleys for carrying and safe transportation of Roller Bearings and Axle boxes.

Laying of additional line in Roller bearing shop:- material management - Designated bins for proper housekeeping.


An additional line has been layed in roller bearing section with two turn tables to improve movement of wheels.

Till now, movement of wheels between Roller bearing & Wheel shop were being done through same line and now with this additional line, smooth & faster movement of wheel has been made possible.

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