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Substantial improvement brought out by ART gang of UBL division for carrying out rescue operation of entrapped passengers during accidents.

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Substantial improvement brought out by ART gang of UBL
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M.G.T. SWAMY SSE/ART/UBL Mob:973166443
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  • When passenger accidents occur, approach for rescue may be restricted either through side wall, end wall or roof due to various conditions.
    1. Approach only from side wall-
      • Capsized from bridge with side wall facing upwards.
      • Capsized in water and only one side visible.
      • Crushed on either side of end body.
    2. Approach from end wall-
      • In tunnels.
      • In bridges.
    3. Approach from roof-
      • Capsized in water with roof top above water level.
      • Entangled between the coaches so that side and end body approach is restricted.
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