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Miscellaneous MRT 06 View
1 Causes of fire; Identification of unsafe conditions and unsafe acts MRT-06 View
2 Identifying and handling of various types of fire extinguishers MRT-06 View
3 Precautions to be taken while extinguishing fire MRT-06 View
4 Render first aid to the burn injuries Render first aid to persons affected by suffocation; Communication MRT-06 View
5 Scope and Rules of first Aid; Structure and function of body MRT-06 View
6 General idea about circulation of blood; Wound & Hemorrhages; Dressing & Bandages MRT-06 View
7 Shock & its management; Asphyxia & Artificial respiration MRT-06 View
8 Injuries to bones & joints - fractures; Unconsciousness and General rules for the treatments of unconsciousness person MRT-06 View
9 Practical demonstration of Transport of injured persons, stretcher exercises, preparing and blanketing stretcher, Basic Life Support Training MRT-06 View
10 Principles of Accident, Causation & its Prevention, Unsafe Acts & Unsafe Conditions MRT-06 View
11 House Keeping, EOT Crane Operation & Material Handling, 5S MRT-06 View
12 Safety on Small Tools, Electrical Appliances, Welding & cutting gases, Working on heights MRT-06 View
13 Use of PPE, Mock Drills MRT-06 View
14 Role of Supervisors on Safety, Accident Reporting & Investigations MRT-06 View
15 Review MRT-06 View