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Miscellaneous MRT 08 View
1 Definition of Disaster, Types of Accidents, Accident Manual, Rail wheel interaction MRT-08 View
2 Permanent way parameters MRT-08 View
3 Readings in permanent way MRT-08 View
4 Rolling stock parameters MRT-08 View
5 Readings in rolling stock MRT-08 View
6 Signal aspects to be recorded at the accident site MRT-08 View
7 Recording of track, rolling stock MRT-08 View
8 Role of supervisors at the accident site MRT-08 View
9 Features of Disaster Management, Disaster Management Plan of Zonal Railways MRT-08 View
10 Disaster Management Equipment in Railways, Composition and upkeep of ART/ARMV/SPART/ 140T Crane, Hooter Codes MRT-08 View
12 Duties of Officials at Accident Site MRT-08 View
13 Rescue Extrication Techniques & Fire Fighting MRT-08 View
14 Rescue Techniques- Medical Relief, Golden Hour, CPR MRT-08 View
17 Demonstration of HRE/ HRD, Mock Drill MRT-08 View