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SL No. Name Find Out More
1 Train lighting & Air-Conditioning: Maintenance of Battery and Battery box, RMPU, Lay-out of TL & AC equipment in Non-AC/AC and Power cars, Alternator, Invertor, RRU, IVC (inter vehicle couplers), SG, EOG, HOG MCT-02 View
2 Toilet Systems: WRA and plumbing system, Bio toilets & Bio- vacuum toilets MCT-02 View
3 EnHM: MCC, OBHS, CTS, Pest control, Rodent control & Bed bugs control, Linen distribution, laundry: BOOT Laundry Equipment, disposal of solid waste, quick watering system, automatic coach washing plant, waste water recycling, Station cleaning, MCT-02 View
4 Design features of various wagons including Stainless steel wagons, Aluminum wagons, Higher Axle load wagons, BOBRN Wagon including its door opening mechanism MCT-02 View
5 New pattern of Train examination of goods stock- CC/Premium/End to End, long haul, heavy haul, Issue of BPC, e-BPC, MCT-02 View
6 Wagon manufacturing - use of huck bolts MCT-02 View
7 ODC: classification, procedure for sanction, movement guidelines MCT-02 View
8 Container wagons-BLC Train operation and maintenance practice MCT-02 View
9 IRCA Part III View
10 Repair & maintenance of goods stock-ROH MCT-02 View
11 Tank Wagons - repairs & maintenance MCT-02 View
12 Twin pipe air brake system in wagon, BMBS in wagon, Brake Binding- Causes & remedies MCT-02 View
13 Train Parting - Causes & remedies MCT-02 View
14 Tippler operation, Silo loading; recovery of damages during loading unloading from private siding, warranty claims of wagon items MCT-02 View
15 Accident Relief Train MCT-02 View
16 Derailment Mechanism MCT-02 View
17 Accident Investigation, CRS Inquiry MCT-02 View
18 Disaster Management - Role of Supervisors MCT-02 View
19 Prevention of accident on C&W account MCT-02 View
20 ART/MFD/SPART/140T Crane Maintenance MCT-02 View