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Western commode with inbuilt ‘S’ trap and Cistern for better Flushing

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Bilaspur division, SEC Railway
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Flush cock provided in the coach toilet is very hard to operate and is located at inconvenient location. This creates reluctance amongst passengers to use it. As a result faecal discharge remains in the pan and causes bad odour in the coach toilet.

To get rid of these problems the existing conventional western commode      replaced with  western commode inbuilt ‘S’ trap and Cistern for better flushing in three 1st AC coaches of train no. 18239/40 Shivnath Express on trial basis. Inbuilt S trap ensures smooth passage and establishes siphoning action. This is assisted by sudden discharge of limited quantity of water from Cistern (around 06 litres per flush), thus water efficient flushing. This also solve the problem of bad odour up to maximum possible extent by ensuring proper water column.