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Jig for checking the inner profile of brake block hanger set

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Each HCC coach bogies are fitted with 04 set of inner brake block hangers. Each set comprises of inner and outer brake block hangers and they interconnected with distance piece to maintain the uniform distance between hangers and to provide stability to them. In few cases, such distance pieces are getting infringed with inner brake lever’s top portion and its bulb cotter of main pin causing entanglement of bulb cotter with distance piece due to either uneven fitment or using of non-standard distance piece. This will lead to mechanical brake binding on line in turn affects the punctuality of EMU trains. To avoid previously mentioned issue a jig was fabricated in house to ensure the aforesaid parameter is as per ICF Drg. No.EMU/M-3-2-050 before providing in the coaches.
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Car shed/ Tambaram ,Southern Railway /MAS Division
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SSE / Car Shed / TBM