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  • Today is: Saturday, April 20, 2024

Supervisor Training Institute, New Kanchrapara

SL. No. Name Description Course PDF Youtube Link G Drive Category
1 MET-8: Mechanisms PDF Open
2 MET-8, Belt, Rope and Chain drive PDF Open
3 MET-8, Governor PDF Open
4 MWT-1, Machinery & Plant Maintenance PDF Open
5 MCT-1, Wheel & its defects, Wheel shelling in LHB coaches PDF Open
6 MRT-1,DAR PDF Open
7 MCT-1, FIBA PDF Open
9 MWT-2, Incentive scheme,Rate Fixing,Normalizing &AT fixing,Work Order system PDF Open
10 MET-8:Belt, Rope & Chain drive PDF Open
11 MET-8: Governor PDF Open
12 MET-2: Introduction to Basic Concepts PDF Open
13 MET-2: Fluid Pressure PDF Open
14 MET-2: Hydrostatics PDF Open
15 MET-2: Buoyancy & Flotation PDF Open
16 MET-2: Hydro-Kinematics PDF Open
17 MET-2: Bernouli's Theorem PDF Open
18 MET-2: Flow through Orifices & Mouthpieces PDF Open
19 MCT-1 : Couplings & Buffers PDF Open
20 MCT-1, Train Parting-Causes & Remedies PDF Open