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  • Today is: Friday, June 14, 2024
SL. No. Name Description Course PDF Youtube Link G Drive Category
141 Level gauge to ensure level of BMBC with Floating levers PDF Open
142 Dashpot testing device PDF Open
143 Fixture for Stress Relieving of Equalising Beams PDF Open
144 Adaptor for Wheel changing activity during en-route attention PDF Open
145 Armature lifting arrangement PDF Open
146 Fire extinguishers with anti-theft mechanism PDF Open
147 Fixture for extracting and assembling anti-roll bar bearing PDF Open
148 5 T Hydraulic Press for Assembling/Dismantling of LHB Bogie Primary PDF Open
149 Jig for checking the inner profile of brake block hanger set PDF Open
150 Modified tool for both facing and boring operation PDF Open
151 Automatic Safety alarm signal - Passive Infrared Sensor PDF Open
152 Fixture for positioning traction centre assembly PDF Open
153 Device to prevent running of trains in hand brake applied condition PDF Open
154 Testing of WSP System Functioning PDF Open
155 Development of dismantling, assembly and testing machines for LHB brake Cylinder

It is used for dismantling & assembly of machines along with testing bench for LHB brake cylinders.

PDF Open
156 Pulling Shoe adapter of CTRB Pulle PDF Open
157 कैरिज कारखाना, अजमेर द्वारा माह अगस्त, 2019 में किया गया नवाचार।

LHB bogies are required to tilt during shop sedule. At present there is no any tilting arrangements during shop schedule. This motorised fixture is used to tilt LHB bogies safely during shop schedule. 

PDF Open
158 Light Weight Portable trolly LED lamp PDF Open
159 Improvements to BSS Hanger Testing Machine PDF Open
160 Coach data through QR Code PDF Open