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121 Substantial improvement brought out by ART gang of UBL division for carrying out rescue operation of entrapped passengers during accidents. PDF Open
122 Substantial improvement brought out by ART gang of UBL division for carrying out rescue operation of entrapped passengers during accidents.

When passenger accidents occur, approach for rescue may be restricted either through side wall, end wall or roof due to various conditions.

  1. Approach only from side wall-
    • Capsized from bridge with side wall facing upwards.
    • Capsized in water and only one side visible.
    • Crushed on either side of end body.
  2. Approach from end wall-
    • In tunnels.
    • In bridges.
  3. Approach from roof-
    • Capsized in water with roof top above water level.
    • Entangled between the coaches so that side and end body approach is restricted.
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123 Industry 4.0

The main features Industry 4.0  are  Machine Data  collection( Machine status can be accessed through Mobile etc.) , Production optimization( Machine-based job scheduling) , Downtime management (Track reasons for machine downtime, Predictive maintenance ),  Digital Manufacturing (ERP and MES integrations)

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124 Upgraded Non-AC Chair Car

Recently  MCF has manufactured new upgraded non-AC chair car coach (LWSCZ) with following:

Improved furnishing –

•Textured modular FRP roof panels

•Textured modular sidewall panels

•luggage rack with ventilation slits

•Improved seats

•Modular FRP lavatory module


Vacuum evacuation system in bio-toiles -For improved flushing and hygienee

Water purifier - To provide clean drinking water to passengers

Provision of Mini Pantry

•Deep freezer

•Bottle cooler

•Hot water boiler

Work table with sink and cup board

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125 Second class cum luggage and brake van compartment for PWDS

Modern Coach Factory (MCF) has rolled out its first LHB DSLR Coach on 11.01.2019.

The coach has following features :

•Under slung  500 KVA Diesel Generator Set releasing space on board accommodating passengers and luggage.

•The coach has also a luggage area with 4-ton capacity.

•The coach has seating arrangement of 6 differently abled with a specially design lavatory keeping in mind the special requirement of these persons.

•Besides this, the coach will accommodate 30 general passengers in a separate area with a dedicated lavatory.

•Further common under-frame has been designed which is compatible with both Crompton & Greaves, Cummins and Kirloskar. Series production has been started

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126 Track Recording Car

MCF has rolled out its first Track Recording Car for RDSO with General arrangement drawing no. TY90007 alt-c with following modifications:

•Coupler arrangement (Item 7) QPC -2 as per RDSO specification RDSO/2009/CG 22 rev-01 has been  used.

•Side buffer BG (QPC-2) has been used as per drg. No. MI004277 alt-a

•Welding parts complete on Underframe: Drg. No. TY11119 alt-nil has been modified with provision of mounting of Bio-retention tank QPC-01.

•Bio retention tank (QPC-01) has been used instead of CDTS : CDTS (item no.9 of drg no. TY63117 Alt-nil) as per RDSO/Spec C-9906) has been deleted and Bio-retention tank to be used as per MI006418.

•Furnishing plate drg. No. MCF-LE64102 alt-b has been followed.

•Builder plate (QPC-02) has been followed.

•Smoke detection and fire alarm system has been installed as per RDSO specification RDSO/2008/CG-04 Rev-04.

•Additional suitable locking arrangement for doors of cabins/compartment from outside has been provided for security.

•Modified MTY90001 alt-nil is being used.

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127 AC Hot Buffet Car

MCF has rolled out  its first AC Hot Buffet Car Coach (LWCBAC) on 29.01.2019 with following features:

1. This coach is having upgraded austenitic stell counter.

2. Deep freezer, Refrigerator , Water cooler, Hot Water boiler,Veg & Non-Veg hot case, Water purifier and smokeless multipoint hot cooking range.

3. It is also having 15  berths for crew/staff of pantry car.

This car is equipped with fire detction and supression system.




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128 Productivity

Continuous Growth: Coach Production increased continuously to 285, 576 & 711, 1425 coaches in 2015-16, 2016-17 & 2017-18, respectively.  MCF production entered into higher trajectory of growth and there is exponential increase in production which finally rolled out record 1425 coaches in 2018-19.


Way Ahead:   MCF has already got sanction for augmentation of its capacity form present 1000 coaches to 2000 coaches per year.  So MCF aims to produce 2000 coaches in 2019-20 and further interested to go up to 3000 and 5000 in near future.

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129 Commissioning of Hot Box Detector

First ever Hot Box detector designed to monitor axle and wheel temperature of moving train without manual intervention on IR has been installed and commissioned on 22.03.2017 at MGS-ALD section up line at CAR station (KM no. 705/23-25) of ALD division.


  • From 01.03.17 to Mar'19, it has detected 28 hot axel cases and 224 brake binding cases at CAR-ALD (Up line). In all these cases train got controlled at appropriate station and section block avoided.                                                  


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130 Droid for under gear examination of Freight Trains.

• Maintenance & Upkeep of Rolling Stock is the most important activity undertaken by C&W deptt. to ensure safe running of trains. Tank wagon depot wagon is a vital C&W examination point which caters to BTPN requirement for Mathura refinery. Besides ROH activities of BTPN wagon, CC, premium & intensive examination of freight trains are undertaken on yard maintenance lines at Baad depot to ensure that the rakes do not have any rejectable defects. • In an effort to leverage technology to make yard examination of freight trains more effective and efficient than ever, Mech(C&W) deptt. of Agra division has developed a Droid which has remotely controlled high speed action camera and motorised drive, to facilitate undergear maintenance of freight trains during yard examination i.e. CC, premium & intensive. • Droid can enter & move inside the train undergear area in various examination lines i.e. pitlines/washable Apron/Ballast track and also can easily approach and examine areas which are hard to see, hard to approach such as cramped/narrow spaces under the train. • This Droid has a facility to capture and transmit realtime video of train undergear which is easily viewed live on screen and also records the same for future analysis. The camera can be zoomed on the spot in case of any doubt. • This Droid has LED lights to facilitate undergear examination during low light conditions. • Salient features of Droid are:  Four wheel drive with 04 drive motors.  Manual control through Wi-Fi.  Control through android app.  Robust construction of body frame (Metallic Frame).  Full HD, high speed action camera.  90 degree rotation of camera on horizontal axis.  Wi-Fi video transmission.  Android based Tablet instrument (16GB, Wi-Fi + 4G enabled).  Maintenance free rechargeable Battery which can last upto 3 hrs in single charge.  Compact construction (23” X 23” X 13”).  Provision of LED lights.  Easy to operate, manoeuvrability on rough/uneven surface.

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131 Cartridge Taper Roller Bearing

The Cartridge Taper Roller Bearing Section is the one of the momentous part of the Wagon Overhauling. The section was set up in 2010 for the overhauling of Cartridge Taper Roller Bearings with an initial capacity of 80 CTRB per month. Over the period of time the section has witnessed many technological challenges and has grown up significantly up to 700 CTRB per month by 2018. It was only the beginning of this progressive journey and there were still many challenges to touch the new heights.


CTRB is one of the crucial part of rolling stock that plays a vital role for its smooth, convenient and safe running. Bearing works as an anti frictional element and reduces frictional losses, heat produced and improves service life of Rolling Stock. Proper up – keeping and maintenance of bearings is necessary to ensure reliability and availability of rolling stock. The failure of bearings has a great impact on the reliability of the freight &coaching stock. Considering this importance, North Western Railway has assigned an important responsibility to Bikaner Workshop for developing the CTRB Section as “center for excellence”. 


With the new phase of revamping, the CTRB Section has been constructed centrally and well connected with other sections such that inward and outward flow of material is smooth without any bottlenecks. It is well equipped, air conditioned, checkered iron plate floor, dust proof section thus providing a healthy working environment for staff and material. The section consists of two sub-sections, A dismounting & cleaning Section and inspection & overhauling section. The inspection and overhauling section is designed on product flow basis where all the parts of CTRB are assembled in a uniform pattern. This optimises the overall process & avoids cumbersome nature of work and also helps in better monitoring.

The overhauling activities of CTRB Section are carried out by the well qualified and experienced team of technicians under the supervision of SSE in-charge and overall guidance of AWM and CWM of Bikaner Workshop.

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132 Air Brake - Diesel Locomotive & DEMU

Mhty yksdkseksfVo ,oa Msew (DEMU) ds ,;j czsd iz.kkyh esa iz;qDr midj.kksa dh VsfLVax esa dkexkjksa ds dkS’ky fodkl o lHkh jsydfeZ;ksa ds KkuktZu gsrq o"kZ 2018&19 esa Mhty yksdks o oSxu dkj[kkuk] vtesj esa miyC/k lalk/kuksa ls mRd`"Vrk dsUnz dh LFkkiuk dh xbZA

bl mRd`"Vrk dsUnz ds eq[; vkd"kZ.k fuEu izdkj gS%&

  • ,;j czsd (IRAB 1) iz.kkyh okYoksa ds dV ekWMy dk izn’kZuA
  • flLVe ls lcaf/kr Mªkbax o lkfgR; dh lqxe miyC/krkA
  • odZ csUpksa dk vkjkenk;d fuekZ.k dj dkexkjksa dh mRikndrk esa o`f} ¼iwoZ esa 5 VsLV ls c<dj 15 VsLV izfrfnu½ ds lkFk dk;kZRed lq/kkjA
  • dkS’ky fodkl o KkuktZu gsrq n`’;&JO; izf’k{k.k lkexzh dk fuekZ.kA
  • fjdkMZ dk mfpr la/kkj.kA
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133 Roller Bearing Shop

Activities for Center of Excellence:

  • layout of roller bearing shop
  • dismantling, cleaning, inspection & maintenance of roller bearing assembly
  • proper stackingof roller bearing & components.
  • Regular calibration of Torque Wrench and display of gauges for training purpose
  • Work & Safety instructionsdisplay boards.
  • Proper record keeping & traceability.

Fabrication of Trolleys for Roller Bearing and Axle Box:

Jodhpur Workshop has In-house developed trolleys for carrying and safe transportation of Roller Bearings and Axle boxes.

Laying of additional line in Roller bearing shop:- material management - Designated bins for proper housekeeping.


An additional line has been layed in roller bearing section with two turn tables to improve movement of wheels.

Till now, movement of wheels between Roller bearing & Wheel shop were being done through same line and now with this additional line, smooth & faster movement of wheel has been made possible.

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134 Wheel Slide Protection System PDF Open
135 Virtual Welding

Virtual welding machine is used to provide basic training of welding as simulation i.e. without actually welding the parts. By this we can learn how to hold the welding torch, how to maintain the speed of welding and keep the angle of welding torch in a proper way so that the welding joint is proper. After the welding is over, we can also check the faults made by us, so that we can correct our position of welding. In this process actually no welding is preformed i.e. no material is wasted. Moreover this method of Welding is Environment friendly.

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136 AC Traction Motor Bogie Testing Plant

The AC Traction Motor bogie testing plant is a unique plant used to carry out the run test of 03 nos separate wheel sets or one complete motorised bogie  (i.e. all the 03 wheel sets), at a time. This is the only plant of its type throughout Indian Railways. It has a feature of Electronic Data Recording and provides continuous Digital Display of Temperature, RPM, Voltage & Current.

Benefits of the Plant

  • 100% MWSs and bogies are tested prior to despatch for Optimum Reliability.
  • Testing Data is recorded in Electronic form, which can be seen at any point of time in case of any problem.
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137 LHB Maintenance Activities

LHB Maintenance Activities carried out at Coaching Depot, Agartala

      Besides all maintenance activities that are being carried out routinely at Pitline and Sickline as per maintenance manuals suggested in CAMTECH Manuals, RDSO Manuals and pamphlets etc. there are other maintenance habits that the staffs and supervisors of Coaching Depot, Agartala follows which they consider is of utmost importance for smooth maintenance and running of LHB coaches. Some incidental examples are cited as to why and how these maintenance habits are followed.

“LHB Coaches needs less maintenance”

     This above line as we were told during times of training needs better description as we in Coaching Depot, Agartala have practically experienced that the more the precautionary maintenance routine are performed, the lesser the heavier maintenance routine can be avoided. Some incidental example stated here to support the claims i.e. if we maintain healthy WSP system, the lesser is the case of wheel skidding and wheel shelling. And hence the above statement may be understood as, “In LHB Coaches, Better the precautionary maintenance habits, lesser the heavier maintenance required.” The staffs and supervisors of this depot have a better understanding of why things are done as mentioned in CAMTECH and RDSO Manuals and other maintenance routine performed besides the ones mentioned in those manuals.

The Need for Keeping the WSP System healthy

  • The healthier the WSP system in an LHB Coach the lesser is the probability of wheel skidding and wheel shelling.
  • The staffs in Coaching Depot, Agartala routinely maintain healthy maintenance practice of WSP system during Pitline maintenance of LHB Rakes and also at Sickline. This practice is done routinely as we have observed that a failure or malfunctioning in WSP system can often lead to wheel skidding and in turn wheel shelling.
  • Every failure code is attended to and checked in hardware part as well as the processing system. WSP code “99” and “95” is a motto in itself in this depot, even code 95 is attended to check what the fault was and precautionary maintenance habits are performed.

Hardware performance effects WSP performance

  • WSP system healthy when both processor and hardware system perform in tandem.
  • Besides keeping the WSP system healthy, hardware parts are kept in check routinely. Hardware parts include Brake Caliper Assembly, Brake Cylinder, and pneumatic systems etc.
  • Coaching Depot, Agartala practices lubricating of Brake Caliper Assembly fortnightly, cleaning of breather plugs monthly, keeping pneumatic system healthy etc. so that performance of hardware components does not affect WSP performance.

Need for escorting staffs to be alert

  • Escorting staffs of Agartala are advised to be alert for incidents and also to keep monitoring the sound of wheel if any and WSP system enroute and onboard so as to detect early failure of Airbrake and WSP system if any.
  • They report to base supervisors when failure detected and are advised for further action enroute so that the failure does not affect the coach further.
  • Incidental examples: Cases of detention due to C&W faults on Agartala based LHB rakes are less heard of due to alertness of escorting staffs.
  • In one case in the year 2018, escorting staff of AGTL-BNC Humsafar, about one hour after departure from BNC, the guard reported smoke fuming from one of the coaches and train was stopped and C&W escorting staffs were called and due to alertness and activeness of the escorting staffs, the brake binding was resolved in 7 minutes and just a total of 14 minutes was detained.
  • In another case in AGTL-ANVT Rajdhani Express on 27/03/2019 at around 0300 hrs, escorting staff reported of damaged axle box in one of the coaches, escorting staff previously reported base supervisors of likely failure of WSP system with failure code 72 & 95 & 72 and hence advice the staffs to closely monitor the said coach. The coach was detached at secondary maintenance depot in ANVT for safety concerns but avoided enroute detachment and hence avoided detention due to alertness of escorting staff. Later it was learnt that the problem arise due to phonic cogwheel not being tightened with required torque at the time of SS-1 of the trolley.

Lessons learned from earlier incidents

  • Above incidents taught us to keep escorting staffs alert and also to improve maintenance practice further to always check hardware failures once WSP system indicates a failure code even if system rectifies on its own.
  • Routine check of tightening torque of SS-1 coaches during inspection at Sickline

Learning what’s being learnt and new experience from experienced OEM staffs

  • Experienced staffs from OEM such as Knorr-Bremse regularly invited by respected CDO, Agartala.
  • Staffs share experience to OEM staffs for better understanding and troubleshooting of various parts on regular intervals and for refreshing knowledge of why and how things are done.

Active visual examination of parts of trolley

  • Vital parts of trolley such as primary suspension springs, secondary suspension springs, dampers, clearances etc. are vigilantly examined at the time of Pitline and Sickline maintenance.
  • Understanding how to detect, for instance regular leakage in damper may be due to reduced tension of spring or broken spring; also the same can be detected by checking safety lug clearance etc.
  • Bogie body connections are checked vigilantly and also corrosions are checked vigilantly to avoid mishaps.
  • Besides bogie parts other vital parts such as couplers are monitored regularly at the time of pit examination as well as at Sickline.
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138 Automatic axle box temperature recording system

Subject: Automatic recording of axle box temperature

Name of the Good Work Done: Automatic axle box temperature recording system

Summary: Commissioned at LC 53 near KPD Station covering DN Line, UP main line at JTJ in between 133A & 131B Points and GDR-SPE section at LC 76

Detailed Description: This system consists of 2 recording devices one (proximity sensor) for counting the Axles and the other (infra red thermo sensor) for recording the Axle Box temperature. The recorded temperatures are saved in a PC provided at the site. At the end of the train saved data has been transfer to Main server with domain name the recorded temperature can be viewed by using URL with any Web Browser. The application page gives colour indication and buzzer sound when the temperature of Axle Box is more than 60 Deg. C or the difference in temperature between two axles in a rolling stock exceeds 20 Deg. C.

Impact / Benefits: Continuous monitoring of axle box temperatures of trains passing through the system.

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139 Semi Automated Test Benches for LHB Air-brake system

Brief Description  :   Overhauling of all the Air Brake Components of ICF type coaches are done in-house.   But, for LHB Coaches, Carriage & Wagon Workshops, Perambur was depending on OEM M/s.Knorr Bremse & M/s.Faively.  To overcome the dependence, Shops has developed Test Benches for DV, Dump valve, Air strainer & Cut Out Cock of LHB coaches.  These test benches are extremely useful in ensuring the reliability of Overhauled DV, Dump valve, Air strainer & Cut Out Cock of LHB coaches.  


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140 Dynamic Test Rig for Wheel Slide Protection (WSP) Device of LHB coaches

Description :   LHB Coaches are provided with wheel slide protection device (WSP).  WSP control unit is a combination of various electronic cards. This unit is housed in electrical control panel. During the course of brake application, there are possibilities of skidding / sliding / locking of individual axle.  The WSP provided in the system avoids wheel sliding, also cuts the maintenance cost. Speed sensors, the part of the system detect the speed of the wheel and sends signal to the processor unit.

The processor unit evaluates the received signal from speed sensor of the vehicle and generates signals enabling the dump valve / antiskid valves to control the brake cylinder pressure in case of any locking / skidding.This Electronic gadget has been developed in Mechatronics Lab to facilitate  testing  the Wheel Slide Protection Device (WSP) provided in LHB coaches in dynamic condition.

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