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SL. No. Name Description Course PDF Youtube Link G Drive Category
161 Heritage AC chair car coach PDF Open
162 Rail/Road Mono Trolley PDF Open
163 LHB Coach Air Spring Test Bench PDF Open
164 Portable kit for testing HOG circuit in power cars PDF Open
166 Safai APP PDF Open
167 Automated Digital Test Bench for speed sensor PDF Open
168 Vistadome NMR coaches PDF Open
169 Provision of GPS units for all ARTs/ARME PDF Open
170 CTRB

CTRB Section

Facilities Available:

  • Epoxy flooring, wall paneling, false ceiling, LED lighting, AC atmosphere.
  • Two computerized CUP & CONE measurement machines.
  • Laser engraving machine.
  • Automatic grease filling machine.
  • Automatic CUP & CONE cleaning plant.
  • LED TV for the training of staff from time to time
  • Name plate and apron to staff
  • Shoe wrapping machine


PDF Open
171 Electronic Testing Lab for LHB AC

Electronic Testing Lab for LHB AC

Facilities Available:

  • Air-conditioned and dust-free environment
  • LED lights for better illumination
  • Automation of OHP testing data storage
  • Best in class soldering & desoldering station for PCB repair
  • Signal Simulation facility for testing of RMPU microprocessor as per actual coach conditions
  • Testing & repair of Microprocessor controllers of LHB AC RMPUs
  • Testing & repair of Regulated & Emergency battery chargers
  • Testing of Thermal sensors associated with LHB AC RMPUs
  • Testing & calibration of Protection devices such as thermal overload relays, MMR, timer switches, overheat protectors, etc. used in AC coaches.
  • Audio-visual training aids for Training of staff
  • QR code system started on the Microprocessor controller and HT/LT MMR equipment. This will help in easily traceability by using smartphone.
  • Display cabinets with cut sections of different sub-assembly installed.
PDF Open
172 Coach DV Assembly & Testing Section

Coach DV Assembly & Testing Section

Renovation of the DV testing room has been done for providing an excellent dust-free working environment. In this room, CNC testing machines for testing of coaching DV’s are installed

PDF Open
173 RMPU Testing & Repair Facility

RMPU Testing & Repair Facility

Jagadhri Workshop has developed testing & overhauling facility for Roof Mounted AC Package Units, where condition and health of RMPU AC units is analyzed and corrective action is promptly taken to ensure the cooling capacity of the unit above 90%.

The performance of each RMPU is monitored in the RMPU testing room, developed in the workshop, in line with the facilities available with OEMs. Following facilities are available:

  1. Hot Chamber for creating field like environmental conditions that an RPMU is subjected to during real service
  2. Cooling Chamber for simulating actual load conditions 
  3. Control chamber having microprocessor-based control panel for operation control and monitoring of all parameters of the RMPU AC unit during test.
PDF Open
174 LHB Air Brake Section

Carriage and Wagon Repair Workshop, Jagadhri

LHB air brake section has the following jigs, fixtures & test benches:

  • Wheel slide protection (WSP) & air brake test bench
  • Fixture for disc brake cylinder & special tool (KBI)
  • Fixture for disc brake cylinder & special tool (FTIL)
  • Test bench for disc brake cylinder (KBI)
  • Test bench for disc brake cylinder (FTIL)
  • Universal test bench for leak test components (KBI & FTIL)
  • Fixture of testing bench for air spring bellow
  • Fixture for dismantling & refitting of slack adjuster assembly (KBI & FTIL)
  • Wall paneling, false ceiling, LED lighting & floor tiles have been provided.
  • Exploded view of brake cylinder of  KBI & FTIL make.
  • QR code started for WSP, Dump Valve, and brake cylinder.
PDF Open
175 Wagon CBC – Knowledge Centre

Wagon CBC – Knowledge Centre

JUDW has developed CBC-Knowledge Center as a Center of excellence. The Major features of this are:

  • All type of gauges are displayed
  • New & condemned CBC components, draft gear of HL &Non HL Wagon are displayed along with usage of gauges.
  • Working model CBC & draft gear of stainless steel &of other wagons are displayed.
  • LED TV with Audio Video short films of CBC & Draft gears, Projector & computer are available in CBC library & Projector Room for training of staff.
PDF Open
176 ‘AVSAR’ Exhibition Hall – A Centre of excellence in Stores Depot

‘AVSAR’ Exhibition Hall – A Centre of excellence in Stores Depot

  1. Total 194 Items are displayed.
  2. LHB, Wagon and ICF Items are kept on display
  3. Drawing, Specification, Unit rate, Annual anticipated consumption Details are available item-wise. Vendors can develop these items as per their infrastructure.
  4. QR code based Bin card are used
  5. A Webpage providing search item to User is also available
PDF Open
177 “Indian Railways: Industrial Automation in a Connected World – Transforming Trains through Technology” – A Seminar cum Exhibition on 7th January 2020

The Indian Railways together with CII have conducted a Seminar cum Exhibition “Indian Railways: Industrial Automation in a Connected World - Transformation of Trains through Technology” on 07.01.2020.

The seminar cum exhibition was planned and executed with an aim to share the developments made by of the Rolling Stock Department in the last one year. The aim was to share the vision and road ahead - including projects executed, projects in the pipeline and focus areas - with existing and potential industry partners.

The event received an overwhelming response and was very well received.

Information Booklet

An Information Booklet “Rolling Stock 2.0: Transforming Trains through Technology” was released at the event.
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An Inaugural Session and Three Technical Sessions were held during the Seminar. The Presentations made can be downloaded from here.

Inaugural Session : 

Session 1 : 

Session 2 :

Session 3 :



PDF Open
178 Paper on HOG by RDSO

This discusses the use of Rc Filers to control Harmonics in HOG Coaches.


PDF Open Coaching
179 LHB Bogie

A Presentation from RCF on the LHB Bogie & Vehicle Dynamics


PDF Open Coaching
180 Direction Synchronization in Diesel Electric Locomotives

Video by Sh. K Raman- Ex Sr. Prof/IRIMEE


PDF Open Locomotive