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101 Multi layer wheel set stacking arrangement

Multi layer wheel set stacking arrangement has been developed and provided in PP Yard/BIA. This streamlines wheel sets movement, enhance working space and easies out bogie section activities.


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102 Multi Dimensional spring cleaning device at PP Yard/BIA

In regular practice coil springs used in Bogie are being cleaned manually. During manual cleaning it is observed that dust particles are spread in the nearby area, which is not desirable. In addition to the above, carrying of spring from the dismntling area to the cleaning bench is also a laborious job.

To get rid of the above a “Multi dimensional spring cleaning device” has been made with the available resources. A rejected unserviceable conveyor system has been used by providing motorized reduction gear box with chain sprocket system. It’s two sides are having protecting wings for safety purpose and four types of brushing arrangements provided for cleaning of springs in different ways.

No new items used. Only scrap & unserviceable relevant items used. Hence total direct cost is Nil. Indirect cost for scrap value is Rs.10,000/- approximately  & cost of man power is Rs.8000/- approximately.

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103 Basics of CNC Programming (Trainer Model)

CNC turning lathe (trainer model) is used to provide basic training of programming on various turning operations through simulation. 

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104 Heavy Corrosion attention - Mysore Workshop

The following practices are being done during the corrosion attention of passenger coaches

  1. Leveling of coach on trestles is being done for checking / measuring the camber loss and twist in bolsters.
  2. Staggering of sole bar joints.
  3. Staggering of  End Body pillar joints.
  4. Minimum length of sole bar has been restricted to 1200mm.
  5. Compulsory renewal of sole bars while headstock attention upto a length of 2700mm and 2500mm on either sides.
  6. Additional strengthening of sole bar joints by providing  strengthening plate.
  7. Thorough checking for cracks done after opening the side panel on sole bars near the bolsters.
  8. Ensuring proper headstock alignment by inspecting headstock with water level according to the required camber and verticality of Outer Headstock with spirit level.
  9. Provision of drain holes in turn under near doorway pillars in order to avoid accumulation of water and dust.
  10. High performance epoxy painting of components done.
  11. Ensuring proper edge preparations.
  12. IS 9606 Qualified Welders are engaged in welding.
  13. Welding consumables are procured from RDSO approved vendors
  14. ISO 3834 qualified welding process.



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105 Cleaning of breather plug to reduce wheel shelling in LHB Coaches

Wheel shelling on wheel tread is a common problem in LHB coaches. This primarily occurs due to partial brake binding. When the brakes are not fully released, some amount of skidding takes place which gives flat spots on wheel tread. If this phenomenon occurs repeatedly, it eventually leads to metal chip off, also known as wheel shelling. As a result, the coach is then marked sick on this account if the length & depth of shelling spot becomes 40 mm or more and 1.5 mm or more respectively. Subsequently, the wheel needs to be changed by detaching the coach from rake. This involves a lot of efforts and a significant cost.

During brake application and release process, air exhaust and intake takes place through a small part present in the brake cylinder integrated unit, known as ‘Breather plug’ (fig.1).During course of time, dust and other foreign particles deposit in the vent hole (fig.2). This obstructs the passage of air due to which brake application and releasing do not take place in a smooth manner, which eventually leads to intermittent skidding, thereby resulting in wheel shelling.

The breather plug was then cleaned properly and installed back (fig.3). This practice was started from 01.02.2018. The condition of wheel before cleaning of breather plug (fig.4, wheel shelling marks can be seen) and after cleaning of breather plug (fig.5, wheel shelling marks have considerably reduced) is shown below. The cleaning of breather plug helps in smooth brake application and releasing, thereby preventing wheel skidding.

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106 Western commode with inbuilt ‘S’ trap and Cistern for better Flushing

Flush cock provided in the coach toilet is very hard to operate and is located at inconvenient location. This creates reluctance amongst passengers to use it. As a result faecal discharge remains in the pan and causes bad odour in the coach toilet.

To get rid of these problems the existing conventional western commode      replaced with  western commode inbuilt ‘S’ trap and Cistern for better flushing in three 1st AC coaches of train no. 18239/40 Shivnath Express on trial basis. Inbuilt S trap ensures smooth passage and establishes siphoning action. This is assisted by sudden discharge of limited quantity of water from Cistern (around 06 litres per flush), thus water efficient flushing. This also solve the problem of bad odour up to maximum possible extent by ensuring proper water column.


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107 Natural forced ventilation in Bio Tank fitted toilets

Prior to fitment of Bio Tanks in coach toilet, natural ventilation was available through commode chute. During run, air enters and taken away all the foul smell generated due to defecation and urination. After fitment of bio tank, the problem of foul smell persisted and was a source of passenger complaint.

To overcome the problem of foul smell Natural forced ventilation system has been evolved using funnels. Two funnels have been provided in a coach facing forward and reverse directions each. Funnels are connected with coach toilet through pipes.

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108 Provision of Green toilet in Coaching Depot, BSP

Two lavatories and two urinals were in abandoned condition in Coaching Depot, Bilaspur and the need of functional toilets was experienced several times for staff convenience as a welfare measure. However, that was requiring the complete dismantling of existing structure and rebuilding of new one along with connection to septic tank. Also the use of this existing toilet is unhygienic due to its outlet was open in atmosphere. The modification done by connecting the outlet of existing toilet with the serviceable biotank available in Coaching Depot by using 150 mm dia PVC pipe. Thus the problem of open discharge of defecation gets solved by biologically efficient way.

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109 Water Bottle crusher at Coaching Depot, BSP

The sizable no. of empty water bottles are found in trains retuning to the base depot Bilaspur. The bottles otherwise are dumped in Garbage collection points for disposal by Municipality. It is seen that rag pickers collect the bottles for resell to the recyclers. In this process, the rag pickers litter the Garbage points and make proximity dirty.

To recycle the same bottle crusher


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110 Gadget for bending of Air Brake Pipe

A gadget for bending of Air Brake Pipes was developed by a group of staff of Air Brake Section in the month of March’18 by utilizing one serviceable brake cylinder and some other scrap materials. It works with the aid of compressed air. The bending work carried out in cold condition of pipes. Due to cold bending grain structure of material do not changes as well as no stress develops. Desired angle of bend and finished are also achieved.

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111 Trolley Mounted Lightening Arrangement

To improve the lightening arrangement, air brake staff has designed developed and manufactured Trolley Mounted Lightening Arrangement for better illumination for testing of brake gear arrangement in the month of October’2017.

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112 Fixture for cleaning and painting of lower spring beam at Motibagh workshop

Bogie section of Motibagh workshop has manufactured one fixture for cleaning and painting of lower spring beam . It rotates at 360 degree resulting easy for painting and welding. Also improve the quality and save time for repairing and painting.

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113 Modified bio Tank with reduction in volume for Non CBC Coaches

Motibagh WS has fabricated 02 nos. modified bio Tank with reduction in volume for Non CBC Coaches by 30% with the following changes.

  • Adopter is removed.
  • Position of chlorine filter changed.( inside the last chamber)
  • Partition wall  1&2 marged.
  • Total capacity reduced by 30%.
  • Overflow from chamber 1st  to directly 3rd chamber.
  • All pipes are converted into C-channels.
  • Chamber 5 to 6 additional overflow pipe given.
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114 Cartridge Tapered Roller Bearing section - Wheel Shop

CTRB section of Wheel shop was developed and declared as a Centre of Excellence on 27/11/2017. Various resources available in the section are as follows,

1. For cleaning, The following machines are being used.

a) Grease purging machine b) Grease loosening machine and c) Cone cleaning machine

2. An air plug gauge (Make: Baker) is being used in Wheel shop which helps in measuring the diameter of double cup /cone assembly in CTRB bearings. This gauge can measure upto 0.1 micron and the tested data can be stored and retrieved from the system for reference.

3. Bore diameter of the cone is being measured using three legged digital micrometer. In order to measure other dimensions, seperate gauges are available which are being calibrated using a master gauge on regular basis.

4. Seperate storage area is available for storing various components of the CTRB bearing.

5. Laser engraving machine is being used for entering the details on CTRB bearing instead of manual etching process.

6. Automatic grease filling machine is being used after inspection instead of manual process.

In addition to above machineries and gauges, the following works have been carried out to develop this section as a 'Centre of Excellence'

a) Wheel Exhibit has been displayed showcasing the different set of wheels used in Indian Railways thereby preserving the Heritage assets.

b) Epoxy flooring has been provided in the CTRB section in order to ensure a clean workplace.

c) Wall panelling using compreg sheet, false ceiling facilities have been made as per RDSO checklist.

d) In order to achieve Energy efficiency, LED lights and natural pipe lighting arrangments have been made. Enegy efficient air conditioner is being used.


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115 Energy Saving in Dept Laundary PDF Open
116 Basic Training Centre


1. Building, Infrastructure and Amenities: 

Two units: New & Old Building.

Old Building has space with garden & The First Floor of Old BTC building is converted in to Welding Lab

New Building has been provided with: Floor Tiles in all 05 class rooms, with Benches and with CCTV in class rooms useful for monitoring especially during conducting of Exams. 

2. Models:

  1. Buffer Cross Sectional View.
  2. BMBC Cross Sectional View
  3. Escorts Shock Absorber Cross Sectional View.
  4. Bio-Toilet Model
  5. Wheel Defect Gauges
  6. Other Models

3. Courses:


  1. RRB App. SSE/UBLS
  2. LDCE App. JE/UBLS
  3. RRB/CG App. JE/UBLS, UBL/DIV/Others
  4. Trainee Technicians RRB
  5. Trainee Technicians CG
  6. Training to Khalasi/Tr. Technicians of UBL/SBC/DIV/Others


  1. Refresher Course (Shop Floor Artisans) (Welder, Fitter, Painter)
  2. Trade Conversion
  3. Computer Training to UBLS Staff
  4. Pre-Selection Training to Gr. ‘C’, Tech Staff for JE.
  5. Pre-Selection Training to Gr. ‘D’ to ‘C’ Staff.


  1. Ex – ITI Fitter
  2. Ex – ITI Welder
  3. Ex – ITI Turner
  4. Ex – ITI Machinist
  5. Technician Apprentice 1973 Act Graduate/Diploma Holder
  6. Skill Development Course (Without Stipend).

Railway Board Stage Wise Training Module for Refresher Courses (Welders, Fitters, Trimmers, Painters) is followed

Special Refresher course for

  1. Painters started from SEP – 2017
  2. Trimmers started in Month of OCT - 2017

4. Area:

Total Area = 1460 Sq. Mt.

Covered Area:

  1. New Building (First + Second Floor) = 936 Sq. Mt.
  2. Old Building = 410 Sq. Mt.
  3. Open Area = Nil
  4. Garden = 114 Sq. Mt.

The Available Space adjacent to BTC in MSD was Annexed to increase the area by 120 Sq. Mt.

5. Conference Hall:  Capacity of 110 Available.  

The conference Hall was converted to AC to take off the training events like Seminars, Workshops, Group Discussions, etc. as organized by Railways and External Agencies.

6. LCD Projectors: Provided in all Class Rooms to make all the Class Rooms into Digital Class Rooms

7. Computers: 06 Computers available.

8. Workshop Machine & Plants:

  1. 02 Center Lathes
  2. 01 Shaper
  3. 01 Pillar Drilling Machine
  4. 01 Pedestal Grinding Machine
  5. 39 Bench Vices.
  6. 06 No’s of Arc Welding Plants.
  7. 03 No’s of MIG Welding Machines.
  8. 01 No. of Saw Machine.
  9. 03 No’s of Oxy Fuel Gas Cutting Plants.
  10. 01 Air Compressor.

9. First Aid Boxes: Provided

10. Blind heavy fabric folds for windows& ventilators, for all classrooms and Conference hall

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An initiative by Modern Coach Factory towards predictive maintenance along with infotainment and advanced passenger amenities with introduction of PICCU (Passenger Information and coach computing Unit)

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100% provision of PPE to all workers, which include hard hats, safety gloves, safety shoes, ear dampeners and eye goggles.

Improved lighting in bogie component, bogie assembly, bogie on-wheel and both bogie shop entry. LED lighting is preferred for better light spread and also better efficiency.

Replaced kerosene with suitable water based cleaning agent for component cleaning.


Provided Industrial flooring in leftover areas of bogie shop (bogie component, bogie assembly, bogie stacking and bogie on-wheel area). 

Ample space for Shock Absorber Overhauling room with 3 working areas.Provision of False Ceiling in Shock Absorber Room

BMBC area was converted into stacking area for storage of bogie components such as: alternators and bolster springs.

Bogie stacking is done in current bolster assembly area.  

Layout Improvements: 

  1. Bus Bar near rack and in on wheel area is shifted to Main Bus Bar.
  2. Storage Racks are distributed throughout the shop for efficient storage and reduction in movement of materials.
  3. Component Painting work station isn shifted, and separate storage bins for different bogie components are used.
  4. Painting of Pillars


Introduction of pressure testing rig for leakage in lower spring seat for better identification of cracks. The said machine was made in-house by Mechanical Millwright Shop 

Dot peen marking machines are used for marking of new components to aid tracking during component failure(s)

The Control panel for whiting jacks used in traffic for buffer height adjustment is replaced. 

Shotblasting machine: Bogie frame & Components are subjected to shot blasting, to increase identification of cracks, achive better surfacae finish/cleaning, also aids in reduction of failures by increasing quality of inspection.


5s is implemented at bogie shop as a part of house keeping. Provision of various scrap bins with different color codes.

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LED lights are installed.


New constructions and Painting is done, to keep cleanliness around the section.

Pallets, Racks, material storage boxes are used by Air Brake Shop.

White Washing done in DV and BMBC area.

Working Models are displayed

Epoxy Flooring/Painting of Air Brake Shop.

Height of the False Ceiling in DV room is increased.

New DV Room is inaugurated on 26.02.2019 for component overhauling.


New Computerized Test Rigs 


Color coded Dust bins and Scrap bins are provided.

5s is practiced to ensure good housekeeping and improving efficiency.

Instruction Boards to be displayed along with drawings and procedures.

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120 Substantial improvement brought out by ART gang of UBL division for carrying out rescue operation of entrapped passengers during accidents.
  • When passenger accidents occur, approach for rescue may be restricted either through side wall, end wall or roof due to various conditions.
    1. Approach only from side wall-
      • Capsized from bridge with side wall facing upwards.
      • Capsized in water and only one side visible.
      • Crushed on either side of end body.
    2. Approach from end wall-
      • In tunnels.
      • In bridges.
    3. Approach from roof-
      • Capsized in water with roof top above water level.
      • Entangled between the coaches so that side and end body approach is restricted.
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